»» Material name: Alumina ceramics

Performance: Its Rockwell hardness is HRA80-90, the hardness is second only to diamond, far exceeding the wear resistance of wear-resistant steel and stainless steel, high wear resistance, and also has good thermal conductivity, mechanical strength and high temperature resistance. Corrosion resistance, small volume and mass, can greatly reduce the load. The main advantages of alumina ceramics over other common ceramics are its high temperature resistance and excellent thermal conductivity, excellent electrical insulation performance under high temperature and high pressure, better wear resistance, and hydrofluoric acid resistance. The main disadvantage is that the coefficient of fracture toughness is low, and the mechanical strength of ceramics is in the low-medium class, which is easy to crack and break.
Application: Used for refractory furnace tubes and special wear-resistant materials, heat conduction devices inside electrical appliances and ceramic seals.