»» Material name: Machinable ceramics

Performance: Machinable ceramics is a polycrystalline composite material, which is a ceramic with synthetic mica crystallites as the main crystal phase. This material is also called glass ceramics. This material is white in color and densely organized. The amount of microcrystalline is more than 50% of the total volume, and the microcrystalline particles are between 5ν-25μ. Machinable ceramics have excellent electrical insulation properties, high mechanical strength, and resistance to rapid cold and heat (resistance to rapid cold and heat resistance from minus 200 to 800 degrees). Its corrosion resistance is also better than that of ordinary ceramics. Its excellent corrosion resistance makes it used in various chemical equipment. Compared with PTFE, it is more corrosion resistant, does not age, and has a long service life;
Application: It can be processed by traditional mechanical, electrical spark, chemical, laser, ultrasonic, high-pressure water cutting and other methods; widely used in welding fixtures, optical glass forming molds, etc.;