»» Material name: Silicon nitride ceramics

Performance: Inorganic material that does not shrink during sintering, has a small coefficient of thermal expansion and is extremely resistant to high temperatures. Its strength can be maintained to a high temperature of 1200°C without degradation. It has excellent thermal shock stability and amazing chemical corrosion resistance. It can withstand almost all Inorganic acid and caustic soda solution below 30% is a high-performance electrical insulating material. It has good resistance to cold and heat shock. When heated to above 1000℃ in air, it will not be broken after being rapidly cooled and heated again. Compared with alumina, it is not easy to transfer heat. The disadvantage is that the coefficient of fracture toughness is low, and the mechanical strength in ceramics is in the low-level, which is easy to crack and break.
Application: high temperature bearings, mechanical seal rings, pipes and valves of electromagnetic pumps for conveying molten aluminum, etc.