About the distinction between industrial ceramics and household ceramics
date:2018-08-10 09:47:32  
Industrial ceramics, Refers to ceramic products used in various industries. Industrial ceramics can be divided into two categories: ordinary ceramics and special ceramics

1)Ordinary ceramics (household ceramics)

Ordinary ceramics refer to clay ceramics, which are made by firing clay, feldspar, and quartz in a proportion. Its performance depends on the purity, particle size and ratio of the three raw materials. Generally, it has hard texture, corrosion resistance, non-oxidation, non-conductivity, can withstand a certain high temperature and has good processing and formability.
Ordinary ceramics in industry are mainly used for electrical porcelain for insulation, chemical porcelain with higher requirements for acid and alkali, and porcelain for structural parts with lower load-bearing requirements, such as insulators, corrosion-resistant containers, pipes and decorative porcelain in daily life, and tableware. Wait. Commonly used molding methods are mold molding methods such as sintering cast molding.
2)Special ceramics

Special ceramics commonly include zirconia, alumina, silicon nitride, silicon carbide and other ceramics, which have stable performance, higher strength than household ceramics, and require higher precision. They are often used in aerospace, automotive electronics, photovoltaics, and other high-tech industries.